Cyber Security Free Learning Resources For Students

Types of Cybersecurity attacks and Why Cyber Security is Important - Good resource for explaining cyber attacks.


OverTheWire: Wargames - Bandit is a great place to start learning Linux commands as well.


Under The Wire | PowerShell Training for The People - Powershell Wargame.


HackNet - Hollywood mechanics, but fun. You'll memorize common ports very quickly. UNIX-esque terminal, Active mod community.


Mu Complex - a short game that is mostly terminal based, not QUITE true-to-life commands, but close.


Supercar Showdown - Supercar Showdown - Vulnerable Website.


Game of Hacks | Checkmarx  - Application hacking skills challenge.


HackTale: Cyber Simulation - Gamified Cyber Simulation Platform.


Cyber Threat Hunting Labs UNCC - Develop hands-on learning experiences that cover two important areas in threat hunting: threat analysis and security data analytics.